Prayer List

 June 2, 2019



                                                                     PRAYER LIST



Charlene Carey, lung cancer, Fauneil's niece

Wanda Clawson, Wellbrooke, Crawfordsville

The family of Randy Crain

Eric Daniels, Tom Frey's friend, home

The Family of Norma Duncan

The family of Joyce Emswhiller

Peggy Ennis, pneumonia/respiratory issues

John Ephlin, rotator cuff surgery/successful

Jody Frey, cancer- Tom Frey/Susie Allen's niece

Lucy Galloway, intensive care, Indianapolis

Ed and Mary George

Dee Gerling, foot surgery

Rosemary Hunt

Joshua Hicks, chemo

Jared, Sandee Frey's nephew, nursing home/rehab

Louann Jordan, breast cancer- friend of Maria Dexter

The family of Jim Kochell

Gloria and Don Llewellyn, chemo/cancer

Renee McGrady, illness

Rob Manion, home

Doug Marlatt, health issues

E.J. Martin, health issues

Pam Kent Messick, cancer

Lenora Mills, Lung Cancer

Melanie Talbert, home

Norma Turner, breathing difficulties

Brenda Wright, breast cancer, John Inman's sister




To add someone to the PRAYER CHAIN, please call the church office, 793-2007, Nancy Wagner

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